Other MALWARES Part 13

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Most of these malwares try to install themselves and are easily blocked by the "Trojan Generic" procative alert.
Some malwares only open connections, and are not blocked by the proactive module (F1 results).
Unfortunately, most .jpg has been lost for most of these sample tests.

-BacktoDemon: P1/P2

-Wolf telnEt backdoor (Backdoor.Win32 Wolf.14): P1/P2

-Trojan Downloader DSWeb: P1/P2

-Backdoor AnalFTP: F1/P2

-Backdoor Bushtrommel: P1/P2

-Lame Rat: P1/P2

-Elite Rat: P1/P2

-PsyRat: P1/P2

-NetControl: P1/P2

-SkryptyRat: P1/P2

The malware was not known by Kaspersky lab during the test (2006/08), but the PDM has done its job (trojan generic).

-TequilaBandita (Win32 Banitos): P1/P2

-Trojan INotifier: P1/P2

-ConsoleDevil backdoor: P1/P2

Antivirus    Version    Update    Result
AhnLab-V3    2007.5.31.2    06.01.2007    Win-Trojan/Downloader.10788
AntiVir    06.01.2007    TR/Hijack.Explor.273
Authentium    4.93.8    05.23.2007    Possibly a new variant of W32/SecRisk-ProcessPatcher-Sml-based!Maximus
Avast    4.7.997.0    06.01.2007    Win32:Small-APV
AVG    06.01.2007    BackDoor.Generic3.CKI
BitDefender    7.2    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Small.CP
CAT-QuickHeal    9.00    06.01.2007    no virus found
ClamAV    devel-20070416    06.02.2007    Trojan.Small-272
DrWeb    4.33    06.02.2007    BackDoor.Chaos
eSafe    05.31.2007    Win32.Small.mg
eTrust-Vet    30.7.3684    06.02.2007    no virus found
Ewido    4.0    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Small.mg
FileAdvisor    1    06.02.2007    no virus found
Fortinet    06.02.2007    W32/Bdoor.MG!tr.bdr
F-Prot    06.01.2007    W32/SecRisk-ProcessPatcher-Sml-based!Maximus
F-Secure    6.70.13030.0    06.01.2007    Backdoor.Win32.Small.mg
Ikarus    T3.1.1.8    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Win32.Small.mg
Kaspersky    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Win32.Small.mg
McAfee    5044    06.01.2007    BackDoor-DJJ.svr
Microsoft    1.2503    06.02.2007    no virus found
NOD32v2    2305    06.01.2007    Win32/Small.MG
Norman    5.80.02    06.01.2007    W32/Smalldoor.FVQ
Panda    06.02.2007    Malware Generic
Prevx1    V2    06.02.2007    no virus found
Sophos    4.18.0    06.01.2007    no virus found
Sunbelt    2.2.907.0    05.30.2007    Email-Worm.Win32.GOPworm.196
Symantec    10    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Trojan
TheHacker    05.31.2007    Backdoor/Small.mg
VBA32    3.12.0    06.01.2007    Backdoor.Win32.Small.mg
VirusBuster    4.3.23:9    06.02.2007    Backdoor.Small.DTD
Webwasher-Gateway    6.0.1    06.02.2007    Trojan.Hijack.Explor.273

We build the server with default option.

-RTelv backdoor: F1/P2

-Y3KRat: P1/P2

-KAOS Web downloader: P1/P2

-Ultimate Rat: P1/P2

-Trojan Wincabras (backdoor Servidor.f): P1/P2

-Kaotan Trojan Downloader: P1/P2

-ElfRat: P1/P2

-Backdoor Bandok.d: P1/P2

-ExploitDoor.103: P1/P2

-Backdoor Gobot.u: F1/P2

-Generic IRCBot: P1/P2

-Backdoor NetBoy.10: P1/P2

-Backdoor.delf.fv: P1/P2

-Trojan Downloader Win32.VB.ai: P1/P2

Windows firewall does its job too:

-Backdoor Penumbra/Shadow.a: P1/P2

-Backdoor Uhil.c: P1/P2

-Niwamp backdoor: P1/P2

This backdoor is interesting: it can be sent as a simple plugin to a target victim: the victim copy the dll in Winamp folder, and the attacker will get a remote command on 24501 port...
And as only a few antivirus detects it (see above), we can be sure that this backdoor was really used in the wild.

If we allow the dll (the effectiveness of HIPS is often user's knowledge dependent):

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