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- Xorala: P1/P2

NB. Kav prevents the malware from being permanent, but not the creation of its files:

- Vulcano: P1/P2

- VB Fun Love: P1/P2

- IRC VBS: P1/P2

- Autoworm: F1/P2

- "Virus": P1/P2 (not known from Kav labs, uses keyboard hooks):

-Email worm Win32 Sircam: P1/P2

-Net worm Win32.Welchia.b: P1/P2

-Worm Win32.Mydoom variant: P1/P2

-Email worm.Win32.Warezov.aj: P1/P2

-Warezov variant: P1/P2

If this variant is not knwon from kav database (december 2006), the proactive module can prevent it from being permanent (registy guard):

-Bat destructive virus xfull: F1/P2

This old virus is destructive, and designed to delete system files: if we enable only the the proactive module, kav can't detect or deny files deletion (all files are removed, except files in used).

-Code Red variant: P1/P2

-NetSky variant: P1/P2:

-Gypsy Worm: P1/P2

-Worm Lupar: P1/P2

-Worm Tutiam: P1/P2

-Bagle variant: P1/P2

-Batch virus : P1/P2

As we see above, this file is not known by kav; that which is confirmed by the scan:

But...unseen here by the AV file protection, catched there by the proactive module:

If we deny the action ("invader" alert), the virus can't have access to system files ("access denied"):

-Virus.win32.Parite.b: P1/P2

NB. For those interested in some feature of some virus used here, we can suggest the reading of this pdf from Kaspersky lab ("Enhanced" virus protection, by Costain G. Raiu).

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