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-Trojan Arduk: P1/P2:

-Trojan dialer.ht: P1/P2

-Backdoor PackBot.p: P1/P2

-Bat Virus: P1/P2

-Wmf trojan downloader variant: F1/P2

-Trojan Nyxem: P1/P2

-Backdoor Win32.vb.yh: P1/P2

-Eagle Agent Trojan: P1/P2

This trojan from China is not known from AV databases: most of them play a kind of quizz, the more funny verdict is given by McAfee: New Malware.b...euh...what happens to New Malware.a?

We build the server that we rename "ShakiraXXX.exe"

-Backdoor Ruledor: F1/P2

This backdoor does not try to be permanent, but just try to connect:

-Drive Cleaner: P1/P2

This is here a classical example of roque products infection: via pop up advertising from various sites, the inexperienced user accepts the download and the installation of the free product.

The install is blocked:

-Trojan Clicker Small.jf: P1/P2

The web is full of free programs which are free because they display advertisments.
This is the case of Web TV, a french program very useful to see the BBC news, but a little bit intrusive (advertisment, browser hijacking).

-Trojan Spy  GodZilla: F1/P2

Firewall alert:

-Rbot.ayr: P1/P2 (trojan generic)

-Rbot.gen: P1/P2

-Rbot.gen variant: P1/P2

-Backdoor Hupigon.bde: P1/P2

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