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- backdoor oscar: P1/P2

- Fearless keyspy: P1/P2

- backdoor Seed: P1/P2

- Code Injection Downloader: P1/P2

- Iow A's Webdownloader: P1/P2

-Bandoork Backdoor: P1/P2:

- Poly Downloader: P1/P2 (trojan generic):

-Web Devil Proxy Trojan: F1/P2

Active port displayed bt TCPView:

-Xploit rat: P1/P2

-Trojan Dialer.rs (Kaspersky): P1/P2:

-Sendesa Trojan downloader: P1/P2:

-Selsoft Trojan downloader: P1/P2:

-KPSUL Trojan Downloader: P1/P2:

-Backdoor Xposure: P1/P2

-Trojan Dropper Delf.wj: P1/P2

This trojan is disguised as a .pgp key, and once launched, a server file is extracted in Temp directory and try to connect to the net.

-Trojan dropper Paradrop.a: P1/P2

-Poebot.b: P1/P2

-Backdoor Cmder-E: P1/P2

This advanced backdoor tries to uses system privileges (service) to become stealthier (try to bypass firewalls).

-Trojan Spy Magania.lh: P1/P2

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